Don’t Trust Zillow and Trulia Or Moveto

Don’t Trust Zillow and Trulia Or Moveto

Zillow and Trulia are not bad sites. In fact, they have a lot of useful information. Having said that, they usually cannot be trusted for accurate estimates of home values in Texas

Why, you ask? Texas is a non-disclosure state. This means when a property is sold the sold price does not need to be reported to the county. So the county tax appraisal district guesses and so do Trulia and Zillow. Their valuations can be very close, but they can also be very far off the mark. So how can you get the true value of your property? Ask a REALTOR®. A REALTOR® will have access to your local Multiple Listing System, or MLS. The A REALTOR® will be able to search properties similar to your in terms of age, location and condition and find similar propertie3s that have sold recently. The results will give you an idea of what your property is really worth.

I have been posting to my Helotes Real Estate blog information about Helotes area neighborhoods. I just wrote one about Helotes neighborhood Fossil Springs Ranch. In doing internet searches to get information about the neighborhood comes up. The site showed 79 Fossil Springs Ranch homes for sale when there are actually only 4 on the market. The site showed homes in the neighborhood and also near, but not actually part of Fossil Springs Ranch.

If you are interested in Helotes homes or homes near Helotes, please give me a call at 210-589-1038.


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