Day Trip From Helotes – Krause Springs

Krause Springs

Krause Springs is a wonderful Central Texas swimming hole.  Krause Springs has a nice swimming area fed by a creek and 32 springs.  The water eventually flows into Lake Travis.  Even during extreme drought most of the springs flow.  Huge cypress trees line the creek and the pool and ferns grow in sides of the rocky hills that the springs flow out of.

another Krause Springs waterfall

One of the many springs at Krause Springs.

The 115 acre site is owned and operated by the Krause family.  Krause Springs is located in Spicewood about 45 minutes west of Austin.  Take a look at photos of Krause Springs I took in 2008.

Krause Springs bluff

The Krause Springs swimming hole.

Krause Springs Cypress

Cypress trees at Krause Springs.

Krause Springs ferns and waterfall

Krause Springs waterfall and lush ferns.

Krause Springs rope swing

Rope swing and cave at Krause Springs.

another Krause Springs waterfall (2)

Another waterfall at Krause Springs.

To get to Krause Springs take 281 north to just before Marble Falls and turn right on Hwy 71.  After about 10 minutes take a left on FM 406 and look for Krause Springs Rd.

If you are interested in Helotes homes or homes near Helotes, please give me a call at 210-589-1038.


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