Flash Flooding in Central Texas

Flash Flooding in Central Texas

If you live in Central Texas you are well aware of flash flooding.  Most of our area, especially in the Hill Country, sits on rock.  There is very little topsoil in most places.  When we get heavy rain many low lying areas can flood very rapidly.

In rural areas you will see low water crossings with markets to the side to tell drivers how deep the water is.  The water can be deep, but also very fast.  Drivers can be swept away with just a foot or so of water.  These area can be especially dangerous at night when it is difficult to tell how deep the water is.

I took some photos at Pedernales Falls State Park that illustrate how deep a flash flooding river can get.  The Pedernales River at this point is usually between 3 and 5 feet deep.  The debris shown below will illustrate how high the water can get.


This appears to be a car or truck door up in a cypress tree.


The trees lean permanently because of pressure from fast-moving flood water.

look how high debris came from the last flood

This is debris high above the Pedernales River from a flash flood.

If you plan on taking a spring drive through the country, make sure to check the weather first.

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