Day Trip From Helotes – Cave Without a Name

Cave Without a Name

Cave Without a Name is a very cool (literally – it is 66 degrees all year) place to visit.  I went there with my daughter and my brother’s family.  The cave is on private property outside of Boerne, TX.

2 lots of flowstone.JPG

The cave has been around for thousands of years, but was only discovered by modern humans when a small farm animal fell into a sinkhole.  It was ignored until Prohibition when a moonshine operation began in the upper cavern.  For some time it went undisturbed until some kids found it and explored it in 1935.

OK, but what about the name?  After the cave was opened to the public there was a contest to give it a name.  A young boy stated that it was too beautiful to have a name and, hence – Cave Without a Name.

Visitors descend 126 steps down into the cave, which as was mentioned earlier, has an air temperature of 66 degrees all year.  Parts of the way down offer little head room so visitors need to take care not to get a bang on the head.

The main show cave has 6 rooms filled with some excellent formations.  This part of the cave consists of 6 large, well-lit rooms full of stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, columns, cave bacon and draperies.  The cave is longer than tourists get to see.  It is around 2.7 miles long and part is made up of the underground Guadalupe River.  The cave will flood from time to time so visitors should call ahead after heavy rain.

The following photos were taken by my brother.  He has given me permission to use here.

4 cave bacon.JPG

Cave bacon.


See the thing that looks like a chicken foot?  This is a helictite.  A helictite is an odd cave formation that grows upward or sideways.

21 ice cream dlowstone.JPG

Flowstone that looks like ice cream.

24 reflections.JPG

An amazingly clear reflecting pool.


Soda straws.  These are actually hollow.

man of war 2.JPG

This strange formation looks like a man of war jellyfish.

Click to visit the Cave Without a Name website.

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